Discreet & Reliable

A cosmetic lineup of custom, RIE and BTE styles

Dual microphones:

Enabling all the benefits
Directionality has to offer.

Made For iPhone:

Stream audio from iPhone, iPad or
iPod directly to the hearing aids.

Ear-to-ear synchronisation:

For simultaneous volume and program
changes on both hearing aids.


4 Fully Flexible Programs:

To tailor the hearing aids to any
preference and any listening

Tinnitus Sound Generator:

Built in for flexible tinnitus relief.

2.4 GHz Wireless Technology:

Easy access to an ecosystem of wireless
accessories, apps and ReSound Assist
remote fine-tuning.

Virtually invisible

ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids are so discreet you’ll have
to take them off to show them off.

With the ultimate in discretion, comfort and long-lasting
reliability, you might even forget you’re wearing them.


The world’s best hearing aids


Perfect Fit

New Sure Fit 2 receiver tubes. Our new,
improved receiver tubes sit snugly against the
head. Their softer form wraps naturally around
the pinna. And they contour to the shape of
the first bend in the ear canal so the tube lies
close to the skin and the receiver sits more
securely in the ear canal. As before, all
receivers and thin tubes conveniently use the
same dome system.


Robust Design

Since hearing aids need to perform in harsh
environments, we make them rugged. In fact,
reliability is the second most important
attribute when choosing a hearing aid.* All our
components – even thin tubes, receivers and
domes – are coated with protective iSolate
nanotech to repel water, earwax and debris.
Because our intelligent design and iSolate
nanotech coating keep the circuitry safe, all
ReSound BTE and RIE hearing aids meet the
IP58 standard that indicates they are water
resistant and dust-tight.


Reliable Technology

You want to rely on your hearing aid. That’s
why we coat every component – inside and
out – with iSolate nanotech to protect them
against dirt, moisture and debris.
*Hearing Tracker: Most important hearing
aid features (2016)


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