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Register your business

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Manage your account

Step 3
Add/Manage your location(s) and user(s)

Step 4
Maintain your account

ReSound Assist is built on one of the most
trusted cloud platforms, so you and your
client can rest easy that their data will be
kept private and secure.

In order to begin offering ReSound Assist
to your patients, you need to register for
GN Online Services. We will walk you
through the registration process and
provide tips on how to maintain your
account on GN Online Services.

Super AdminAdminUser

User Roles

User role descriptionTypically the business
owner or an employee
appointed by the owner to
manage the entire account
Typically the manager of a
specific location who need to
manage the employees
fitting patients
Employee fitting patients
with ReSound Smart Fit
Registration for access
to GN Online Services
Can manage locations
and Admin profiles
Can manage User
Login to GN Online
Services via ReSound
Smart Fit

Register your business for GN Online Services

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