ReSound Assist

Hearing care
wherever you are.


Updated settings
at your fingertips

Sometimes the hearing aid settings you fit in the clinic perform differently
in your everyday life.

If a hearing aid wearer is experiencing recurring problems – or needs more
fine-tuning than the ReSound Smart 3D app offers – it’s time to activate ReSound
Assist. It’s already in the ReSound Smart 3D app, and gives a hearing aid wearer
direct access to your hearing care professional.

It can just be used whenever experiencing a hearing difficulty, so there’s no need for
your client to remember how to describe the listening situation next time they’re at
the clinic. It’s easy, convenient and settings will be optimised for our real-life
hearing. Over time, sound preferences can change.

ReSound Assist puts a hearing aid wearer in touch with their hearing care
professional via a safe and reliable cloud connection.

Fill your calendar with things you like to do. No matter where your client is, if they
experience a problem, you can offer help.


It can be hard for an end user to accurately
describe a sound.

If they need assistance asking for new or different
settings, we will help you and them to create
accurate information so you can make precise

The information consists of:

  • A diagnostic assessment
  • Your subjective description
  • An automatic record of your hearing aid settings

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