Noahlink wireless

Connecting seamlessly with ReSound
Smart Fit, Noahlink wireless is the new
industry standard fitting interface and
works with any wireless ReSound hearing
aid. If you have an Airlink 2, a free software
upgrade can give you the full functionality
of Noahlink wireless.

One software installation is all you need
to fit all ReSound hearing aids

Both ReSound Aventa 3.11 and ReSound Smart Fit 1.0 are
included in the installation, so you have the right software for
any ReSound hearing aid. When you connect a hearing aid, the
Smart Launcher automatically detects whether it is a ReSound
LiNX 3D or a legacy device and opens the appropriate fitting
software module.

From there, you get access to all history and fitting
information. With easy access to previous data from your
clients, it is easy to transfer between legacy hearing aids and
newer product technology.

Download and Install

Click here to download ReSound Smart Fit 1.0:


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