Cloud Integration
is finally here

From information sharing to
remote fine-tuning and hearing
aid updates - the possibilities of
cloud integration are endless.

More convenience and efficiency than ever before

ReSound Smart Fit brings you into a new era of hearing care.
Technology is changing the world we in, including new
opportunities for efficiency and convenience in hearing care.
Among users and dispensers, technology has not only enhanced
sound, but also communication and control. With ReSound
Smart Fit, you can stay on the forefront of the revolution and do
even more for your clients.

Ready for the future

Inspired by audiologist insights and the latest advancements in
technology, ReSound Smart Fit optimises the way you provide
hearing care. And when you spend less time on fitting, you can
spend more time improving client experience and keeping your
business running at its best. This is only the beginning, and we
look forward to putting you at the center of the tele-healthcare
revolution. To learn more about the system click here.

Enhance your workflow

We’ve taken the best of ReSound Aventa and made it even
more intuitive. With more time for support and guidance in
mind, ReSound Smart Fit has been optimised to make you feel
confident that you can provide the best fitting possible and
support your clients throughout their entire fitting journey. By
including your clients more actively in the fitting process, you
can increase their satisfaction with the hearing aids and service
they receive. And with the time you save, you now have the
freedom to spend your time as you see fit – supporting each
client based on their individual needs.

With streamlined navigation, improved features, and faster
information processing, you can create a seamless fitting
experience that is more comfortable for you and your client.

The future of
fitting software

Enhance your
fitting experience

Designed with you and
your clients in mind

Thanks to input from research trials and usability studies,
hearing care professionals were at the heart of
the new ReSound Smart Fit design. An improved
fitting and navigation flow supports the way
you want to work and provides faster access to the features
you use the most. Everything you need is available
on-screen, including client details,
hearing aid options and feature guidance. This leads to
a more effective and efficient fitting experience, all while
leaving a great first impression with your clients.

Fast processing during fitting means less time spent
navigating through the fitting software. Now you can
spend more time focusing on what matters
most – helping the client succeed with their hearing aids.

Any fine-tuning adjustments you can do in-office, you can also do remotely. Here’s how ReSound Assist works:


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