Easy to keep track

With every fine-tuning request, you get:

  • A diagnostic questionnaire that describes the client’s
    difficult listening situation
  • An optional message with additional information
  • An automatic record of your client’s hearing aid settings

You can follow your client’s in-office and remote fine-tuning activities in the
ReSound Assist timeline. Any fine-tuning adjustments you can do in-office,
you can also do remotely.


Get closer to your clients

Spend less time scheduling appointments, and more time
supporting your clients – wherever they are.

According to hearing care professionals, more than a quarter of
client appointments are spent on fine-tuning.* While the initial fit will always take place in your clinic, ReSound Assist gives you an
extra option to stay in touch with your clients. This can save
scheduling time for you and traveling time for your clients. If you
decide to offer remote services to your clients, they can contact
you through the ReSound Smart 3D app. From there, you can
offer them remote fine-tuning and remote hearing aid updates
right from ReSound Assist in your ReSound Smart Fit software.

You can also plan and schedule fine-tunings for your clients
without receiving a request, helping to shorten and optimise the
hearing aid adaptation process for new clients. With a weekly
datalog of your client’s usage information, you now have even
more ways to enhance your clients’ hearing aid experience – right
in their everyday environment.

*GN Insights: Analysis of anonymized appointments (2016)

Any fine-tuning adjustments you can do in-office, you
can also do remotely. Here's how ReSound Assist works:


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