Explore the ReSound Smart 3D APP

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The ReSound Smart 3D
Home screen gives you direct
access to change programs
and Favourites in three
convenient ways:

1.  Top Menu
Swipe to the left for all
programs and Favourites

2.  Program overview
Pull down or tap on the handle
below the top menu to view all
programs and Favourites

3.  Quick Swipe
Swipe on the red card to
change programs. This view of
each program also displays
available Quick buttons

Overview Screen

volume control

1.  Volume control
Move the slider to adjust the
volume in the hearing aids.

2.   Mute
To instantly mute the sound coming from your
hearing aids, tap the mute icon to the left of the
volume slider.

3.   Independent volume control
To adjust volume form right and left hearing aids
independently, tap the split icon to the right of the volume slider. Sliders for each hearing aid appear.

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  • Quick

Each program has individual Quick buttons.
Quick buttons are short-cuts to instant sound
optimisations when you need them.

Quick buttons are displayed on the red card
just below the program name. In the
All-Around program, Noise Filter and Speech
Clarity are available.

Tapping a Quick button will activate it until
you tap it again to deactivate it.

1.   Tapping a Quick
button will activate it until you tap it
again to deactivate it.

Noise filter

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  • Sound

The Sound Enhancer gives you control
to fine-tune bass, middle and treble,
Noise reduction, Speech focus and
Wind noise reduction.

Availability of Sound Enhancer
varies per program depending
on your fitting.

Noise reduction, Speech focus
and Wind noise reduction are
only available for ReSound LiNX 3D 9.
Bass, middle and treble is always
available with ReSound LiNX 3D
hearing aids.

Access Sound Enhancer from the bottom of
the Home screen. A view of Sound Enhancer
with all possible features shown.

Move the sliders to interact with each
feature and make adjustments. When you
interact with one of the features, the screen
will focus on that feature alone. Tap Reset to
return to fitted settings.

Bass, middle
and treble

Increase or decrease bass, middle
and treble frequencies.

Adjustments are also applied to
streamed sound.

Wind noise reduction:

Adjust and reduce wind noise for
maximum listening comfort in windy

Noise reduction

Adjust the level of noise reduction from
full awareness of surroundings to
focused hearing.

Speech focus:

Choose exactly what to listen to by
adjusting the focus of the beam.

When the hearing aids are set to automatic
focus, adjusting Speech focus will switch
them to manual setting.

To return to automatic use, slide to
the far right.
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  • Favourites

Add a favourite
Step by step

  • Favourites
  • Name
  • Location
  • Overview
  • Edit or Delete
  • Delete all
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  • Find my
    hearing aids

If you have lost your hearing aids, go to
My ReSound and tap on ‘Find my hearing aid’.
The app can help you locate them.

Last location

The map will show where
the hearing aids were last
seen connected to the app.

Tap the hearing aids to
see address and time
they were last seen.

You can switch between Map and Satellite views.

Search nearby

If the app detects the hearing
aids nearby, it will show you if
you are getting closer or
farther away from your
hearing aids. Look for the
indication on the red bars at
the bottom of the screen.
Hearing aids must be On to
use this feature.

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  • Guiding

The ReSound Smart 3D app offers
Guiding tips to help you get a better
hearing experience.

The Guiding tips pop up in the app
during the first weeks of wearing your
hearing aids and using the app. It’s
your choice if you want to receive
Guiding tips – the app will ask you.