Personalise your hearing experience to get the most out of your
hearing aids with the new ReSound Smart 3D app.

The ReSound Smart 3D app has four main screens, all accessible
from the bottom navigation menu.


The Home screen is your center for control. From here you have easy access to program and sound
control. You can always return to this screen by clicking the home icon in the bottom menu.

Download and install


The app can be downloaded for free
on the App Store or Google Play by
following these steps:

Google Download

If you have an
Android device:

  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. Search for “ReSound Smart 3D”
  3. Tap on Install, then Accept so the app can access certain features on your phone such as
  4. When installation is complete, tap on Open to start up your ReSound Smart 3D app

Provide your clients with a
seamless hearing experience

with ReSound Smart 3D and ReSound Assist